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Suka Pelangi Saya?

..:: Dedication ::..

~ sns cerita tentang ~
Assalamualaikum wbt..

First of all is for K.Siti Khairiah =) ; she is one of my 'cybermate'. We meet through Kerabat Devotees [KD].We continue our ukhuwah through YM, but after sometimes with no reasons we were lost contact for more than a year. Surprisingly, we meet back recently and continue chit-chatting+gossiping+aiming 1 dream+we shared a lot of stories which is related to us! Even only both of us knew the exactly stories behind the comments on FB and behind the laughing that we created.

You gave me songs,
I replied back songs..
You tells me stories,
I did the same as you...
You are a friend in need,
Also a friend in deed..
You are my mirror,
Because we have same thought and dreams,

Oh, see how worse this poem be..

When you are sad,
I cry in my heart and hope my pair of shoulders could help..
When you are happy,
i laugh like what till i think the world is mine...
When you need pal,
You have me in every single times you want me to be...
..:: happy belated birthday sis ::..

To Halim - Happy 23rd birthday ! Fuh..fuh..fuh... * blowing candles!. May Allah bless you.

To Annas - Congratulation for your convocation day on this coming Wednesday [21.10.2009]. I wish i could be there to celebrate your big day but i cant make it possible.

Note : Akak, special ni for you! With full of blurr minded of mine. I have no pic of you kak, uwaa cant upload

p/s : jantung buatmu on leave for this entry =)

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khilkhir said...

u really2 made me in tears ...thanx a lot! never imagine someone wrote dis poem even the simple one for me...we never met but i believe dat we were destined to be a friend...u know my story, so do i...lets aiming our dream...1 dream 1 mission..hehe..Thanx to ALLAH for our friendship...

p/s : hehe...malu akk, seb baik xde gmbo...thanx for the wish in ur blog..nk jugak tu...haha

chAq said...

Akak... blog lagi bermakna dari FB kan =)..
Eh,kalau kita tau akak nangis. Leh kita wat yang lagi best.. Sorry, ni terlalu simple sangat ;p.
promise one day insyaAllah..
hugs <3

ღn0n0iღ said...

Wahhhhhh..sangat sweet entry ni.. Sukanya... :D:D

Sangat berharap satu hari nanti kamu akan bertemu, masa tu mesti best :):)

khilkhir said...

hehe..insyaALLAH...harapnya begitula...xpun tgu 'ms photographer' ni kawen...bole la gi...hehehe

chAq said...

K.Noi, kita pon kena berjumpa 1 hari nanti kan. Bersama A&L..hehe

K.Siti, esh..akak la dulu.kita lambat lagi.Tunggu msg delivered dan lagu suami soleh release dulu. ;p