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Suka Pelangi Saya?

week 1

cAtAtAnku ~ sns ~
salam.. it seems almost a week i haven't update my blog... wanna know Y ?? em, KKB is juz 2g coverage and it is so difficulty to get through the internet ( sabar sns ).. life in KKB ?? totally different with Kemaman. ( too many reasons ) here (kkb) really enjoying my practical til i feel so scared kos it wont enhance my knowledge..
ok.. 1-1, i will explain k.

For 1st 5 weeks me and my group wil be posting in jabatan kebajikan masyarakat ( so many psy cases ) n yet 1 week is over ( only 2 cases i did : congenital deficit + spastic ). and yet, felt damn enjoy in kkb ( i have no stress at all ). sangat2 susah hati la saya macam ni ( even pneumonia case pon ellek ). haishhh ( mengeluh jugak) kena ingat Allah
( DIA yang menentu segalanya ).. i needs to boost my own confident and put more inisitive.insyaAllah...

As i mentioned early, there got so many psy ( mental retarded ) problem. Then, i was almost kissed by a "guy" ( actually it's a girl : but thinks she's a boy ). She likes me a lot ( always usap-ed my hand and seriuosly acting like a guy ). Alhamdulillah, i managed to escape from the kiss..nauzubillah.,sangat takut saya masa tu.( everydays she wil b kacau-ing me : berkepit2 xlepas ). The thing is.. saya sangat kesian.. yA Allah, kuatkanlah kesabaranku~
Actually most of the cases are court cases.. abused + " trash victim " etc. ( sadness + crying in my heart ). yA Allah, mereka hambaMU yang tidak berdosa... kerana memiliki ibu bapa yang kejam!! terlalu ramai penghuni yang kurang upaya sehinggakan menitis air mata saya di sana.. walaupun mereka x sempurna di mata manusia..hidup serba kekurangan... yA AllAh, aku patut bersujud syukur padaMU..

On 1st day itself me and my group went to police report.. rm1400 gone !! dugaan~ but actually all the boys money ( house rental ). 2 days they all merempat like pendatang asing je . The person did that are so shameless.. Nothing could do, just pray for the reply from Allah. It seem my week was so terrible right ?? haishh.. a lot of things happen but this is LIFE~ you learn the lesson in every moments you walk into it. Oklah, i have no idea to continue typing : S.A.D.N.E.S.S ~ ...

note 1 : snoezelen ( so relax and i used to tarikkkkkkk baik punya )

note 2 : mr soviet, tQ so much~

note 3 : wOrk ( photography session @ semenyih )

p/s : actually im started typing this post at 3pm..but only 1.10am i managed to post it.. sungguh sedey hati saya

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