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Suka Pelangi Saya?

k.k.b ( hari mencuci rumah )

cAtAtAnku ~ sns ~
salam wbt..
i awake at 6am today..em, stil in " cuti ".so, i switched on the tv to watch NMI ( coz surely i wont have a chance to watch it in d afternoon : kan pegi KKB ). i iron-ed my t-shirt + track bottom + tudung while watching tv la ;p. before goin, check emel first + blog ( sungguh cekap la nih ). Then, i changed my tudung ( coz felt uneasy with that tudung, at last wore the tudung inside the pic la ).
My sister send me to Kl Sentral around 8.30am, had a breakfast with Ida at Rasamas until 9.30am we went to Maxis Center coz Ida wanted to register broadband. Tik tok tik tok around 10.40am Mages came n fetch us n straight away went to college ( MAHSA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE )* Then only at 11.45am we went to KKB and arrived there at 1++pm..
We started cleaning the house ( 3 rooms + 2 bathrooms + porch ) until 4pm then we had our lunch..hoho. After that goin back home la to Kl ( balik kajang naik tren : jadi sardin saya tapi rasa cam dah kurus coz kena ;p )
aksi membasuh ;p

note 1 : waiting mak n abah come to kajang nih..they r otw :)

note 2 : almost every posts i posted pics rite : becoz i luv photography ( again highlite not to show off anythings )

note 3 : exciting + scaring for this posting. btw, MAHSA dah jadi University ! alhamdulillah

note 4 : ada byk lagi nak kena kemas

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