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M.i.s.s [r] i [n] d [u] day...

cAtAtAnku ~ sns ~
Guess what i am doing right now ?? MSN-ing with Sherrin.. Oh dear, i miss u so much.
siti says:helo dear..
siti says:where r u

sherrin says:I'm in ur heart my dear hehe

siti sweet.. u makes me miss u more deeper

sherrin says:Haha good la then miss me more hehe tmr goin back at wat time
siti says:8pm
bla...bla...bla...til 1.45am ( Sherrin, u make my tear to drop !! Dah la online thru mobile ) We haven't chatting for ages..Around 1 month.Just in text sms but just in a short period. Hey, i really miss u dear.
Im wondering why my heart+soul+liver=whole body is missing people especially my 2nd sister in, nape i miss U ni?? 3 weeks i din't sms her.Ayork, im walking in a busy way of my life isn't?? Stil has 3years syllabus to study!! Is there anyone could help me?? Allah, begging.
Oklah, i just text about my day today ( book fair + ljs ).. pity us, ljs has no longer in MV. I needs to find it somewhere else. Also dim sum cafe. Our fav ;p..Right sis?? Erm, actually we should eat at ljs when u are here on last Mac sis..Kan dah kempunan ( i yang lebih kempunan ;p).
It's okay, Dect Conan eh.. ASP sns wil investigate where is the new location.grrr,roger!!
Sangat rindu U..Rindu mak d kg. Little princess pon dah 2 minggu xjumpe!! Juga abang d Johor ( minggu depan pulang ke kg sama-sama ) I knew why i feel deep [r] i [n] d [u] ... b'coz most of them miss me too ;p ( perasan = sherrin's syndrome ).

Oh, so many things i melalut..yuhu, felt quite satisfied with today's photoshot.Hope Halim feel the same feeling also! After photoshot i went to book fair.Aiyak, congested~ very2 unaesy..but needs to find some book ( KOREA IN GLANCE ). But i bought a novel ( Setiap Jumaat : NB ) Oh, my fav writer and fortunately, i had a chance to have a photo with her!! Alhamdulillah :) smile until ears.. Then just walked around 2 hours but stil haven't get korea in glance jugak. Then, bought a new album of UNIC ( langkah tercipta + buku berdialog dgn jin, dah la peristiwa khms lepas masih membelenggu diri..)

Tired..but foods stock at KKB haven't buy yet.Decided go to MV ( that's why i know ljs is closed and changed to krispy krime donuts ). A bit dissappointed. Go sns go..find ljs all over the KL. Eh, after more than 3 posts are all about study.. This time just an itchy fingers typing yeee~

i only can read this novel if i get an excellent marks for Peads viva on Wed / Thurs..promise!!!
haishh, buku tu dah byk kali saya snap,but stil in a blur mode~

Note 1 : LJS ( long john silver ) sedaapp!! x peduli apa org kata*

Note 2 : Tomorrow is my last day for photoshot..

Note 3 : Bila terasa rindu..ku sebut namamu..blablabla ( kalau hujan pon xpe malam nih, sejuk siket )

Note 4 : Korea In Glance is to someone..

p/s : Ahad muncul lagi...kena pulang ke KKB

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