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last day in college :(

cAtAtAnku ~ sns ~
salam wbt... today was my last day in college. next week is our final posting for 3months n a half. everywhere we are posted. n me, in kkb with other 14persons there. I already packed my things a few days ago ( coz i hate doin last minute works ). looked like i am so exuberant rite ?? but actually i am so scared + stress coz this is my 1st project college, so that we must show our good outcome there. em, today we also got a new mini research project ( thesis ala2 degree n master students but actually this is a trial thesis la ). The purpose we having this project is to prepare our self for the real research project in future. Adding more stress isn't ?? ok.. these are the lists what are the "burden" i should facing for this 4 months
  1. final posting for 14 weeks
  2. a mini research project
  3. 4 case presentations ( cardiorespiratory, neurology, pediatrics, muscularskeleton )
  4. 6 clinical assessments ( internal - 2 / external - 4 )
  5. BIG GENERAL EXAM ( 3years anatomy + physiology + neurology and others )
i juz hoping that sns could do her best ;p..ya, i really wants to do my best but the lazinees sumtimes ( errr, actually always ) makes my spirit i needs Allah guidance.. i needs mummy n daddy prays..i needs my siblings to be ma boaster... friends n U, i meant U ( who is reading this ) to pray for my best :) tq ya~ ok, next i would like to story about my last day in college. i had a class as usual but since we had finish our presentation, we just sat and kept chat with our lecturer ( a bit of discussion n a lot of borak-ed) then, we had a small singging ( all of us need to sing ). So, me valen n sherrin ( trio ) sang KAU ILHAMKU..kahkah, not really sumbang k. then we continue with teka teki ( merepek2 sungguh )..then of coz photography

Lunch time : me, ida, sherrin, valen, farhan went to jaya one n had a lunch there ( old town ) .. after ate, irene came n had a lunch there.. Around 1pm we went back to college and waiting for the posting briefing + mini research project... then, continue photography sessions.
a few of us nangis gila2.. n me?? nope. ok lah, juz have a look at these pics k...

our lecturer ( tetiba combined with group 3 )
aksi bebas
aksi comey
aksi teruja

serius y kononnya macho
mereka y membersihkan mata


this is yesterday story : ice scating day ! saya x jatuh langsung** ( itu je nak high lite )..maceh~
*posterior : back
zdan & saya ( mesti dia akan rindu saya) lolaksi y mmg x jatuh pon ;p
mummy (sherrin) & saya - tah ape kami pandang atas
queen of skating ;p
11 yang main dari 15 kami

note1 : risaunya la ttg posting dan keja2 4 bulan nih

note 2 : moge kawan2 semua x rindukan saya sayang sgt korang !! keja elok2

note 3 : saya menggunakan proper spelling kan kos nanti org xphm pulak bila guna singkatan seperti sebelum ini

note 4 : tiada latest update ttg soviet

note 5 : gambar selebihnya masuk FB okay ~

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