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Suka Pelangi Saya?

Its benign tumor !! Alhamdulillah....Thanks Allah

~ sns cerita tentang ~
Assalamua'laikum wbt...

Alhamdulillah, last Friday ( April 2nd) my dad has been transferred from ICU to ward Zone 2 [A376 : duet ward] but then on next day, nurses changed him to room A353 [personal room, psssst like a 5star hotel :D]. Alhamdulillah, after almost 2weeks in a stage of 'suffer' Allah gives some present to him, to my mum and to us! Allamdulillah, praise to HIM.
Ok, i just want to update about my dad's report.

Clinical History : Huge medialstenial mass....
Diagnosis : Benign, spindle cell epithelial thymoma.

Macroscopic description [specimen designated ------> mediastinal mass].
= specimen consists of a relatively well encapsulated nodular mass weighing 488g. Serial sections show a mostly solid tumour with lobulated soft whitish surface and showing central areas of haemorrhagic cystic degenaration. No significant calcification seen. No other organ structure seen. Representative sections were submitted into 5 blocks with the capsule included.

Microscopic description
= representative sections show a well, encapsulated lesion of thymic tissue, made predominantly of spindle shaped cells, arraged in fascicles, wavy pattern and irregular crisscross arrangement, along with focal areas showing round to oval plump epithelial cells with indistinct cytoplasmic margins, vesicular nuclei and fine chromatin clumping. Mitotic figures are minimal. Blood vessels within appear congested. Focal areas of cystic change are also noticed. The capsule appears fibrotic and thickened in many areas. Lymphocyte population is sparse and significantly seen towards the periphery. No nuclear atypia or necrosis is discernable.
Encapsulated thymoma. Cut surface of an encapsulated thymoma demonstrates a pale tan, bulging, and irregularly lobulated surface. Fibrous septae which subdivide the tumor substance are contiguous with the capsule. [this is not my from my dad, but similar ]

Conclusion : No malignancy noted. * Bernatz classification and can be designated as type " A " thymoma.

I'm sorry if some of you cant understand what i've jotted here. Any doubt, feel free to ask me =). I feel so glad to see my dad is getting better now and he could inhaled the spirometer til 1000cm.
Its such a big success to him but of course his lung not really nice expand [tak berapa cantik lagi pengembangan paru-paru]. Ok, i just wanna to update about my dad. See you next time, there's always have next time insyaAllah. At last i could breaths nicely =). Lega sangat tau!! Jaga kesihatan tau semua. Saya doakan semua yang membaca di sini diberikan kesihatan yang baik-baik saja.

Note 1 : Maybe in these few days, abah will discharge from IJN and has to go to HKL for platting his left humerus bone!

Note 2 : Alhamdulillah, berlapang dada kerana sekaligus sudah membuat 'confess' kepada kamu. Alhamdulillah....At least i've done my best. Thanks Allah........

Jantung hatiku : Pintaku agar bahagia ini berkekalan ya Allah.Pintaku moga Kau perkenankan doaku.Rayuku tetapkan hati-hati kami terus di landasanMu.......

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