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cAtAtAnku ~ sns ~

the phrases that are in everyday usage
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When used
Arabic Term
English Translation
When starting to do something Bis-Millah In the name of Allah
When greeting someone Assalamu-.Alaikum Peace be unto you
When replying to a greeting Wa alaikum mus Salaam And unto you be peace
When intending to do something Insha-Allah If Allah wills
When something is being praised Subhaan-Allah Glory be to Allah
When in pain and distress Ya-Allah O Allah!
When expressing appreciation Masha -Allah Whatever Allah wills
When thanking someone Jazak-Allah May Allah reward you
When awakening from sleep La-Ilaha-Illallah There is no God but Allah
When taking an oath Wallah or Bellah By Allah
When sneezing Alhamdo-Lillah All praise is due to Allah
When someone else sneezes Yar-Hamok-Allah Allah have Mercy on you
When repenting of a sin Astagh-Ferulah I seek Allah’s forgiveness
When giving to charity Fi-Sabi-Lillah In the path of Allah
When having love for someone Lihub-Allah For the love of Allah
When getting married Aman-To_Billah I believe in Allah
When parting from someone Fi-Amaan-Allah In the trust of Allah
When a problem appears Tawak-Kalto-Al-Allah Trust in Allah
When unpleasantness occurs Na- Uzo-Billah We seek refuge in Allah
When pleasantness appears Fata-Barak-Allah May Allah bless you
When participating in prayer Ameen Let it be so
When news of a death is received Inna-Lillahi Wa-Inna Ilahi Raji-un From Allah we came and to Him is our eventual return

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