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Suka Pelangi Saya?

Tag dr K.nAtt & K.Adee

cAtAtAnku ~ sns ~

starting time : 2.27am
name : Siti dA totty
shoe size : 4/5 and sometimes 6
height : Sungguh rendang saya ni..
where do you live : Among people who really i heart so muchie
have you ever been on a plane : Yup :)
swam in the ocean : Frequently with my lovely totty's swimming suit
fallen asleep @ school : Occasionally , mostly after vigorous Sofbol training
broken someone's heart : Ya...Sorry i didnt meant it but i just cant trust the love
fell off your chair : 1 or 2 times or maybe more
waiting for someone to call : Nope, i hate to aswer call accept from my fam members
saved emails : ya, medical article and some interesting emails
what is your room like : Comfortable and nice to see
what's right beside you : Room 20 [8B] wall (Hosp Serdang)
what is the last thing you ate : Bread
ever had...chicken pox : When i was a little girl, cant remember the actual age
sore throat : lately very frequent
stitches : Never but will go through that stage
broken nose : My nose is very sensitive and i had a history of bleeding nose no matter how soft the touched to my nose,its started to bleed but now better
do you believe in love at first sight : Absolutely, furthermore he's the kind of Muslim devoted, im not in love puppy!
like picnics : Family's annual event at least 3/4 times per year
the last person you danced with : My ex-housemates at KKB during Girl's House Party, but seriously i cant dance
last made you smile : I cant remember because when i started thinking of my exam i am so depress!! Maybe after i listen to my mom's voice this evening, she made me smile..Love u mom :)
you last yelled at : my patient after i couldnt 'tahan' she 'buat hal' but actually i hardly can scold or yell at people...So, please be aware!!
today did to someone you like :My Mom the Bestest Mother in my heart :)
kissed anyone : Family members
get sick :Now also not feeling so well
talk to an ex : Maybe dont have but he think he is my Ex, n if yes i did talk to him because friendship never ending
miss someone : K.La, faster come back.I wanna my presents from Europe!!hehe [6th August...Counting day]
who do you really hate : Smoker especially if they are smoking infront of me
do you like your handwriting : Sometimes but when i see it i think it's too comot but after a few months, i saw it back i'll said "cantik juga tulisan saya"
are you toe nails painted : xskxsk
whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : hotel bed but the very soft bed one.
what color shirt are you wearing now : White with black spot on the chest covering by my stripes sweater [im in hosp, so its pretty cold]
are you a friendly person : To selected people..
do you have any pets : Totty + Cats
do you sleep with the tv on : Rarely watching Tv
what are you doing right now : Cooling down myself before start to study or sleep
can you handle the truth : Allah knows it better
are you closer to your mother or father : Mom
do you eat healthy :Ya, my mom is such a good dietitian [halal & toiyiba]
do you still have pictures of you & your ex : Same as above if he is my ex, ya.. friendship never end
if you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : Innasolati wanusuki wamahyaya wamamati lillahirabbil'alamin.. next is my mom and sisters
are you loud or quiet most of the time : Silent mode person at first..
are you confident : People said so, n me say YAKIN :)
5 of my bad habit : (1) Sometimes too silent (2) hardcore sleeper when i got chance to qada' my sleep (3) hardcore eater..i love food (4) Life without internet?? Arghh, fainted for 5mins..lolz (5) When i love something i'll keep see it / eat it / do it until i feel bored.
5 people tag : (1)Nad (2) K.Izz Sayang (3) K.Noi Cumil (4) Ana aka Laling (5) Taqi ;p

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izzahsakinah said...

Bab tulisan tu, macam agree jugak. Ada masa rasa buruk. Lama2 rasa comel pulak :p

Izzah Marzuki said...

ok, thanx wana.. so kak izz nak gi wat la ni ye.. hehe..

aNa_mE said...

laling..nnt i jwb tag u ye..xsmpt skrg ni..