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Suka Pelangi Saya?


~ sns cerita tentang ~
Assalamua'laikum wbt...

I vomited for twice this morning and automatically I had to cancel my fasting for today. After took bath, I drank plain water to wet my throat. Today was my last day for driving lesson before JPJ's Test (tomorrow). Unsure reason(s), I feel this test is most tougher test ever! Harder than my practical exam at Klang Hospital dan STRESS-EST than sitting for general medical paper. Ok, what ever you guys wanna think about my statement, just read this carefully ' different people has different level of worry, anger, fear, pain etc '. So, for me driving with manual car is really kills my confident level. Plus with some cases happened during my lesson sessions, I am so in T-R-A-U-M-A-T-I-C.

Driving and at the same time in pain was so stressful, hmm today, my left little toes suddenly cramped and my left foot cant pressed the clutch but fortunately I used my right foot and 'kick' my left foot and finally I successfully press the clutch alhamdulillah. What the panic situation TT___TT. My dear foot, please be nice tomorrow! Yesterday, I felt blurriness condition and numbness left upper and lower limb TT______TT. Please, I just wanna PASS the test.

My life being unproductive and meaningless with excessive and overdose of S-L-E-E-P. Sleep to reduce pain but HEADACHE due to over sleep! A cycle of pain! TT___TT. Im typing this post around 2.47pm but I stopped and sleep on my lappy and continue after Asar and publish at 6.52pm for such a very simple entry! See, how unproductive I am. TT____TT.

unhappy for no reason???
Please, teach this girl how to S-M-I-L-E

Frozen heart in jailed...
Time will tell when it should release

Edinburgh, 2009
Bring me there.....

Tulip Fest, 2008
I want it so badly!!!

You ask me why?
I dont know...
I am not in happy condition. NOT AT ALL...

Note : Tomorrow, second session at 11 ++ am. Going back to KL right after the test... Allahumma yassir wa la tu'assir!!!

Jantung Hatiku : Allah....Allah....Allah......

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