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Suka Pelangi Saya?

unHAPPY tag from laling Ana :)

~ sns cerita tentang ~

Just to fulfill tag from my dearie Ana :)

*are you happy right now?*

*why are you happy?*
err, no reason 'coz i am not happy :(

*what are things that will make you happy?*
if i get the offer to further my study!
get the smiles that i've lost

*have you received a tag before?*

*name the colours you liked*
double tone of colors (mix and match).

*name 9 bloggers you want to tag*
feel like don't want to tag anybody!

*write about the people you tagged. anything will do*
nothing, seem there's no one i've tag

*are you happy with what you have now?*
alhamdulillah, ALLAH knows better!

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aNa_mE said...

makasih laling siapkan tag =)

chAq said...

sama-sama <3