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Suka Pelangi Saya?

Man jadda wajada

~ sns cerita tentang ~
Assalamua'laikum wbt

A : Aim (Died in Husnul Khotimah : end of a good life)
D : Determination (Don't give up but Strive and marching towards it)
A : Ambitious (in 5years : An educated Solehah wife to beloved husband, a good mother & daughter, a better woman and successful worker)
T : Time (Tawakal, du'a..du'a..time will tell and answer)

I am not very good in English but I just wanna try to write this entry in English :). My sharing for this time is all about something that inspired me plus still inspiring me. Yes, my brain is working to think and non stop day dreaming, indeed I love to 'berangan' ;p but alhamdulillah I had what I wanted in Allah's plans regardless in 'on-the-spot' way or later but still Allah grants me my dreams at the right time. I feel so ashamed of myself for not being a good khalifah / slave to HIM but I try and keep on trying to be better day after day InshaALLAH.

Homeless To Harvard
(Dari merempat tidak berumah ke menara gading)

I watched this movie when I was very disappointed of unsuccessful to enter university due to unprocessed UPU's form. With 6As in SPM, cant go to any university was such ashamed (my fault cause rejected entering matriculation at first offer came). And biiznillah (with Allah's will), I am a Physiotherapist now and its beyond my expectation :). Truly the best of planners is Allah.

Homeless To Harvard is based on an incredible true story of Lizz Murray. She is an American inspirational speaker who is best known as having been homeless in her youth, and as having overcome her hardship to achieve success. Murray was born in the Bronx, New York on September 23, 1980 to poor, and drug-addicted parents who would later each contract HIV. She became homeless just after she turned 15, when her mother died of AIDS, and her father moved to a homeless shelter. Murray's life turned around when she began attending the Humanities Preparatory Academy in Chelsea, Manhattan.Though she started high school later than most students, and remained without a stable home while supporting herself and her sister, Murray graduated in only two years.

She was awarded a New York Times scholarship for needy students and was accepted into Harvard University, matriculating in the fall semester of 2000. She left Harvard in 2001 to care for her sick father and to start motivational speaking; she resumed her education at Columbia University to be closer to him. According to her book Breaking Night, her older sister, Lisa, graduated from Purchase College in New York State and is a school teacher for autistic children. In late 2006, her father died of AIDS.

She eventually returned to Harvard in 2006 and graduated in June 2009. As of August 2009, she had begun taking graduate courses at Harvard Summer School and would like to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology to counsel people from all walks of life. She is the founder and director of Manifest Living, a company that provides a series of workshops that empower adults to create the extraordinary things in their lives.
[Preferences : Wikipedia]

Murray with her 'Breaking Night Book'
(A memoir of forgiveness, survival and my journey from homeless to Harvard)

Some of Murray's Quote
“I need to take advantage of life right now. If I don't, it will pass me by. It's just that easy.”

“In the years ahead of me, I learned that the world is actually filled with people ready to tell you how likely something is, and what it means to be realistic. But what I have also learned is that no one, no one truly knows what is possible until they go and do it.”

“‎'Homeless person or business person, doctor or teacher, whatever your background may be, the same holds true for each of us: life takes on the meaning that you give it.”

About the book 'Breaking Night'

This is the movie of Homeless To Harvard
(The rest of video, please search in Youtube :)

If we think our life is unlucky, unhappy and worse, yet actually there are many many many people out there wanted to be like you and even worsen than you. Be grateful and at the same time, improve our self in our way with our capability. Do not pressure yourself with demanding of other people but manage and put your target to be successful. The most important thing is our first aim is MARDHATILLAH. Take a very good care relationship with ALLAH, inshaALLAH He'll grant you WHAT YOU NEED at the RIGHT TIME.

Note : For truly with hardship comes ease; truly with hardship comes ease. (Surat al-Inshirah: 5-6)

JH : Dear Future Husband (whoever you are) ; Hope you can be one of my inspiration because my heart is fluctuation of strength :)

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Anonymous said...

Siti, Siti, Siti....
Mau jadi suamimu :P.
Mesti kena pelangkung nnti. hahahahaha.
Pesanan ikhlas buat bakal suamimu supaya menghargai wanita sepertimu!

Saya xpnh tgk crt ni, thanks for the sharing beauty. (arghhh, kecewalah awak dah ada pilihan lain). Tp sbnrny saya happy utk awk! Sy xpdn dgn awk, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

ummu said...

salam tqvm atas pewrkongsian kisah kegigihan kejayaan ini.ia wajar dicontohi oleh generasi muda hari ini,bahawa kesusahan bukan halangan utk kejayaan